Hunters Legacy Soundtrack

Ambient Acoustic Soundtrack for the latest project from Cinnabar Games.

Working on some great new projects at the moment! Here's one of the new soundtracks for the upcoming Android and iOS project from Cinnabar Games. Thanks for listening, and drop me an email for a free demo soundtrack for your project!

Titan Trailer 5 Complete

Update #5 - Titan Soundtrack

It's finished! This is by far the biggest update too. There's a new intro and outro, and loads of extra detail and tweaks. Thanks for listening, leave your comments on SoundCloud, and drop me an e-mail if you'd like to use this soundtrack in your project!

Titan Trailer 4

Update #4 - Titan Soundtrack

I'm back to working on Titan again. I think it'll be close to, if not finished in the next update! In this update I've focused on giving it some more muscle, and tidying up the arrangement. The overall mix is getting there now, so the end is in sight! Thanks for listening, leave your comments on SoundCloud, and please get in touch if you want to use this soundtrack in your project!

Sandstorm Trailer 3

Update #3 - Sandstorm Soundtrack

I've slowed down the intro, added some more detail to it, and changed the key (so that I can record my bansuri flute). Really like how it fits into the soundtrack. Thanks for listening. Leave your comments on SoundCloud!

Sandstorm Trailer 2

Update #2 - Sandstorm Soundtrack

Here's version two. I've experimented a bit with this one, and tried to change the overall feel of it. Not sure about the tempo at the moment, but I like the way it's progressing.

Sandstorm Trailer 1

Update #1 - Sandstorm Trailer Music

I'm taking a short break on the trailer music for 'Titan', and I've put up a new trailer demo I'm working on called 'Sandstorm'. This one features the beautiful sounds of an Armenian Duduk.
Thanks for listening! Leave your comments on SoundCloud.

Titan Trailer 3

Update #3 - Its been a while since my last post! I got caught up in finishing my music degree, so the demo has been put on hold until recently, but here's the new version! It's almost finished now, just needs a little moving around and some final mixing/mastering. Leave your comments on the SoundCloud page!

Titan Trailer 2

Update #2 - I've fine-tuned the intro of my trailer music demo Titan, and moved things around for a better impact. The mix still needs some tweaking, but it's getting there.

Titan Trailer 1

Working on a new trailer music demo called Titan, and it's starting to take shape! I'll update in a couple of days with a more finished version.